Latest Short Reads


Enkaja Modular Cocktails

As a devotee of the well-crafted cocktail, it’s hard not to be rendered mildly speechless by the Enkaja modular cocktail concept. And not in a good way.


The Wheel of Booze

Can there be anything in this whole world better than a Wheel of Booze? We remain unconvinced.


Alcohol Harm Map

While it would be lovely to ignore the negative effects of alcohol, knowledge can only ever be empowering. So go, interact with this new data viz, and maybe gain a little perspective.


Adrien Sauvage: Dress Easy

Ordering a drink at a busy bar: The DE man has time on his side and a queue does not phase him. The DE man stands out from the crowd so never has to wait long.


Maison Kitsuné x Pernod

Alcohol and fashion go hand-in-hand pretty tidily. Case in point: this here Maison Kitsuné print collaboration with Pernod Absinthe.



Taken from the delightful Smith Journal, ‘grower, gatherer, hunter and cook’ Rowan Anderson builds his own Smokehouse. And it’s a thing of beauty.


Triple Distilled Diagram

A boozy data viz print of every variety of alcohol, from fermented concoctions to distilled delights.


Prohibition Bakery

Pretzels and Beer? Scotch and Cigar? How can cupcakes like these not be divinity edibly-incarnate?


The Battle of Two Bisons

Zubrowka and Bizon fight for the bison grass crown. Is it a case of two being company? Or a crowd?


CB I Hate Perfume

Perfume and booze have been getting pretty friendly over the last few years. And this stunning short documentary is only going to help the would be alco-perfumer.


Churchkey Can Co

I hereby resolve never to sup again from a beer that is not canned, flat of top and bereft of ring pull or opening mechanism of any sort.


The Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

Once more has the humble American mason jar raised its head in the cocktail world. And once more is it a joy and pleasure to behold. And, yes, once more do we want one.



At some level, we can’t help but respect the Ikea-ish Bar10der’s Swiss Army approach to combatting the entire gamut of problems that the bartending world could possibly ever throw at you.


Salt Made From Tears of Anger

Liquid tears are for rookies. When real men cry, we shed pure, solid, smoke-infused salt. Don’t believe us? Buy some (it stands up splendidly on the rim of a Margarita).


Master of Malt Origins

It’s funny the way ideas resonate simultaneously. Take this new range of singe estate gins from Master of Malt and a recent discussion on terroir. Dirt on the mind, it seems.


The Great American Bar Crawl

The whole of the U.S. condensed to a mere 9-bar bar crawl? Thank the good Leslie Pariseau over at GQ. And then go and see who made the cut…


Shanghai Debut Hennessy

Director David Lynn’s short, Shanghai Debut, takes on the Maker Film for Hennessy V.S.O.P. Elegant, evocative, and all about booze.


Shrimpy’s & Fictitious Inspiration

Shrimpy’s, the latest pop-up from Bistrotheque, has three interesting things going for it: long-term transience, its Ruscha-esque signage, and the entirely fictitious Shrimpy himself.