Social Alcohology


Cocktail How (Not) Tos

Self-deprecating, charmingly ridiculous and thoroughly engrossing, here’s a how-to and how-not-to for cocktail instructionals. Warning: slow-motion car crash ahead…



From bitterness and alpha acid content to aroma and flavour profiles, this is one data viz that deserves a spot on every modern (home) brewery wall.


Alcohol Harm Map

While it would be lovely to ignore the negative effects of alcohol, knowledge can only ever be empowering. So go, interact with this new data viz, and maybe gain a little perspective.


Beer Is Good

Beer makes you smart. Fact. (Well, sort-of-fact.) But it does a whole lot more than even that. Don’t believe us?


U.S. Whiskey Map

Sometimes it’s your keys you can’t find. Sometimes it’s the way back home. And sometimes you just need to find the nearest whisk(e)y distillery.

Pick Your Poison

Pick Your Poison

Folk may lie when it comes to revealing how much they actually drink. But does that mean there’s no benefit in their observations?


Constitutions of Cocktails

The latest booze-related infographic from Brooklyn’s Pop Chart Lab is a sprawling breakdown of 68 classic cocktails and what’s in them. And it’s for sale.


Mixed Reviews

From Sideways’ Cab Sav to A Clockwork Orange’s narcotic-laced milk, here’s a cute-as-a-drunken-button alcographic to brighten your Friday.


Anti-Drunk Pill

Behold The Anti-Drunk Pill. A gift to frat boy and professional alcoholic alike, the premis is simple enough: take the pill; drink as much as you like; stay sober. Boom! as they are wont to say.



We’ve been hunting lately for a new wine read, and this hefty hardback tome from the chaps at Tong Magazine seems to fit the bill pretty much perfectly.


More School, More Booze

Warning: this post might get a little academic. But that’s okay because it will probably also get more drunk. You see, the higher your level of education the more you spend on booze.


Shoe Town to Brew Town

Staunch advocates of alcohol’s positive social role, Shoe Town to Brew Town is an excellent example, combining economics and ecology with the craft beer trend. And all held in a brewery too.


Data Viz: World Class 2011

It’s hard to convey the sheer scale of Diageo’s World Class – or, at least it was. Created by designer Ben McQueen, take a peek at just what goes into finding the best bartender in the world.


Food Culture Map

We love a good infographic map. And this number – charting ‘Greater Food Culture’ from Nobu Matsuhisa to Fergus Henderson – is right up there on the list.


John Gertsen x TED

For his TEDxCambridge talk, John Gertsen – the illustrious bartender and alco-historian – encourages us not to think just outside the … box but outside the glass.


Drunk On Politics

If your alco-political taste buds are all a-tantalized, here’s a pair of written works for your reading: one about the 17th century and one for the modern world.


Annual Manual for Bartenders

If the ubiquity of Gaz Regan’s 2003 Joy of Mixology is anything to go by, then his new Annual Manual for Bartenders is the latest must-have book to adorn bar libraries the world over.


The American Bar Retrospective

Everyone’s favourite bar magazine finally moves digital with the new Class Weekly. And to get things rolling, they’ve included a fascinating chat between two old kings of the Savoy’s American Bar.



Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails is an all women’s classic cocktail society. Their mission: to breed, raise, and release cocktails that are endangered or even believed to be extinct.