Whisky Reference Series

If you could condense wisdom and whisky into a single vial, of what would that divine combination taste? The good chaps at Master of Malt might have the answer.


Churchkey Can Co

I hereby resolve never to sup again from a beer that is not canned, flat of top and bereft of ring pull or opening mechanism of any sort.


Master of Malt Origins

It’s funny the way ideas resonate simultaneously. Take this new range of singe estate gins from Master of Malt and a recent discussion on terroir. Dirt on the mind, it seems.


170 Year Old Beer

Whisky from the future. Now beer from the past. Is the scientific recreation of a 170 year old beer from remains found in a sunken ship foolish or fascinating?


Ardbeg: Interstellar Isla

So the folks at Ardbeg have packed some of their whisky-goodness into a rocket and fired it into space. No, really. And here are our humble thoughts on the whole crazy mission.


Unholy Wine

Across the hallowed bar top, spaketh the old guard, thou shalt not discuss matters of either politics, sport or religion. But what about when it comes to the liquid inside your glass?


Scotch In A Can

RTDs come in all sorts of flavours and varieties: gin and tonics, bourbon and cokes, even pre-mixed Mojitos. But this? Why this is just pure Scotch. In a can. No, really.


Whisky Blender

Do It Yourself whisky blending? From the comfort of our own laptop? Whisky Blender, this could be love.


Einstök Icelandic Craft Beer

What do J.R.R. Tolkien, the British TV quiz show Mastermind, and craft beer have in common? The answer: Vikings. Yep, that’s right. There’s now Viking Beer. And it’s rather tasty.


Bathtub Gin

Little satisfies the trend-trapper like a pocket of perfectly contained micro-trend. Especially when it occurs simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic. Which delivers us to Bathtub Gin.


Backporch Cold Brewed

Sidestepping the slight illusory sense of scale in this image, the growing trend for pre-bottled cold-brewed coffee has just gained another hero in our books.


Mahiki Coconut Rum

There are times when anything less than an enormous Piña Colada, served in a hollowed out pineapple, would be frankly rude. Which is where Papa Jules’ new Mahiki Coconut Rum enters the game.


Kilchoman 100% Islay

the usual Islay Scotches not peaty enough? Well now we have the latest Kilchoman expression – and apparently the first 100% Islay Scotch in 100 years.


Fever-Tree Med Tonic

As the skies turn a summer azul, a gentleman would be forgiven for thinking he was in the balmier climes of Cannes or Sicily. And Fevertree want to help you get there. Metaphorically.



This Eukranian brandy caught our eye recently – both for for the bottle’s old-school elegance and its conscious consideration of the requirements of the modern (drunken) homme du monde.


Work Beer

What’s not to love about Work Beer? Especially on a Monday morning?


Killer Russian Vodka

First legendary mustachioed pornstars … and now murderous Eurasian’s are getting their own liquor.


Brooklyn Vodka & SF Cocktails

New York has a long history of lending its name to cocktails. And now to cap it all off, Brooklyn is getting a vodka of its own. All of this while SF is getting up in cocktail arms.


Celery Slipper

We’re generally against flogging cocktail recipes, but this brief, delicious-looking video from Jamie Bodreau deserves a little attention.


Bottled Aged Cocktails

For those who want to step into the world of vintage cocktails without the hard work, The Handmade Cocktail Company’s pre-bottled aged classics might be the answer.

Breast Milk Ice Cream

As molecular gastronomy and mixology join the standard stable of techniques, some fabulous flavours and pairing are coming to light. But none perhaps more bizarre than breast milk ice-cream.


Glenmorangie Finealta

Modern Heritage hits the big whisky houses as the folks over at Glenmorangie release their latest expression: Glenmorangie Finealta.


Grandma’s Weapon Grade Ginger

What’s better than ginger beer? Why, booze and ginger beer of course. And what’s better than booze and ginger? The natural answer must surely be: boozey ginger beer. And ‘natural’ is the right word.


Crowd-Sauced: Funkin Fusion

Off the back of their Funkin Fusion cocktail competition, those purveyors of pre-packaged purée purity release three intriguing new flavour combinations.