Re: Sound Bottle


Bottles. Huh. What are they good for? Pretty much everything, it turns out. There are the more obvious liquids: your fine Scotch Whisky, small batch Mezcal, artisanal perfumes. You can always bottle yourself a message. You can bottle yourself a genie. Hell, you can apparently bottle Time itself. And with a little splash of software and design magic, you can even bottle sound.

Pop the cork off Jun Fujiwara’s misty white concept bottle and the hidden machinery within will collect up the sounds around you – from growling cars and overheard conversations snippets to mewling kittens and impromptu busker ensembles. Uncork it again, and all these manifold sounds will be played back to you, reworked and remixed instantaneously into a unique musical score: your personal soundtrack – on tap.

Source: Vimeo
Via: Wired