Triple Distilled Diagram


Lost in a swirl of alcohol. A fitting description for both:
a) The fate of many a Friday night; and
b) The Triple Distilled Diagram of Alcohols, the latest booze-centred infographic from the fine folk at Pop Chart Lab (creators too of this Constitutions of Classic Cocktails image).

Or, once again in their own words:

A boozy chart of every variety of alcohol, from fermented concoctions such as beer and wine to distilled delights such as a gin and rum, this print features everything from favorites like wine and vodka to less lauded tipples such as caium and arrack, all pressed in copper metal inks.

It’s extensive without being all-encompassing, and confusing, but elegantly so. And yes, it’s not actually triple distilled. But at a paltry $27 for 100lb. archival stock (etc. etc.), who’s really to complain? Plus, you’ll be left with a lot more tangible proof the next morning than after the equivalence spent on booze. Even if the latter might be somewhat more fun.

Source: Pop Chart Lab