The Great American Bar Crawl


A true gentleman-of-the-glass should never be caught short on where to sink a dram in good company (or bad company, should the mood be such). Alas, a great majority of bar-focused city guides out there have little to offer the dedicated drinksman by way of either novelty or reliability.

Something about Leslie Pariseau’s Great American Bar Crawl over at GQ, however, captured our attention rather adroitly. Was it the list’s brevity (the whole U.S. condensed to a mere nine bars)? Or perhaps it was that charming technique of having each bartender introduce the next bar on the list (a celebration of the fabled brotherhood of the bar)?

Either way, consider our liquor-licked proverbials tickled. And if the geography is, as one commentator remarked, a smidge off, our advice is to just sit back, flash a humble smile, and blame the booze. But then, when is that not our advice?

Source: GQ