The Battle of Two Bisons


Two bisons walk into a bar… Sounds like a joke. Except that, well, it isn’t.

You see, a long time ago (and potentially in a galaxy far, far away – which is pretty much how the ’90s feel), Zubrowka with fresh apple juice was the beverage of the summer. Even when laden with a ridiculous name pillaged from a certain Kevin Costner lupine epic (cough, Tatanka, cough).

Other bison grass cocktails made their mark. The Polish Martini (a trilogy of Zubrowka, Wyborowa and Krupnik) chief among them, alongside a handful of slightly more suspect mixer options. However, as far as we’re concerned, Zubrowka’s rightful concubine will always be that jus de pomme.

A little obvious? Maybe. But think of all those times when a G is naught without its beloved T.

The point to all this? Well, lately it seems there’s something of a bisonic revival stirring upon the horizon.

Just this summer, the designer (and coincidentally our very old friend) Kristjana Williams lent Zubrowka her stunning illustrations as part of their new push. While, scant weeks later, a press release for Bizon, a new Polish (yep, you guessed it) bison grass vodka from the Marblehead contingent, landed with a slap on our virtual doormat.

Now, with Zubrowka essentially a synonym in these parts for the bisonic vodka sub-category, this new competitor’s success at usurping the crown is uncertain at the least. (Just think of all those other, less successful would-be usurpers.) But perhaps this isn’t really a battle at all. Perhaps it’s a case of two very much being company rather than a crowd.