We’ve mentioned  ‘maker films’ before. For brands and those who direct their efforts and intentions – creative agencies and marketeers alike (that’s market-eers not market-ers: like musketeers … but with less honour. And swordsmanship) –  too oft are they wrapped in the blanket of ubiquity and opportunism. But that’s marketing for you.

That of course is not to say that they are all hollow and without merit. Many are fantastic, whether or not they are shot by/for a brand. Just look here at our aforementioned favourites from the genre. But it must be said that a great many are repetitive, pattern-cut shadows of what they could be.

And this is what they should be. (Oh, and the background track is called, ‘The story of the farmer who killed his wife in his sleep, ate her, then awoke.’ Really. And just think what smokey joys one could create with a dedicated smokehouse like this in the back yard.) Relish.

Source: Smith Journal