Prohibition Bakery


Cupcakes? Yes, they’re so painfully 2005 (oh you poor soul you).

Prohibition-influenced speakeasies? The very embodiment of 2010, more or less. (We hear the cocktail scene is going to be all about ’70s soon enough anyway.)

But a cupcake speakeasy with booze-laden wares? As is so often the case, if you can’t do something new, combine several kind-of new things together instead – and the result, done right, is a concept just fun and smart and unique enough that the cupcake scene might just be worth another look. Especially when the alco-creations are this enticingly up our dram-loving street.

Pretzels and Beer? How can that not be divinity edibly-incarnate? And the $5 Scotch and Cigar is sufficiently time-consuming, tobacco-rich and delightfully alcoholic that it comes with a one-per-customer limit. Like those 150ml martinis that we were beaten with in the ’90s.

New Yorkers, get thee to Prohibition Bakery’s drunken cake-outlet forthwith. Just remember to eat-drink (dreat?) responsibly.

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