Master of Malt Origins


It’s funny the way certain ideas seem to emerge or resonate simultaneously within the drinks world. Call it liquid zeitgeist. Call it syncrodrinksity. Call it Al.

Take terroir. Right off the back of a neat little intro to terroir over at the Drink Factory, the folks at Master of Malt have just released a batch of gins that elegantly demonstrates the profound effect of ingredient geospecificity. It may not be groundbreaking (terroir comparisons have long been a standard technique in cross-category tequila trainings, for example). But they do say that while seeing is remembering, tasting is knowing and understanding (and going home rather merry with the memory).

The Master of Malts Origins range consists of four gins, identical in every way – every ingredient, every process, everything – except one: the source of their juniper. Each expression of the range is cold distilled with juniper sourced locally and exclusively from various spots around the globe. The launch batches feature juniper from Arezzo in Italy, Meppel in The Netherlands, Veliki Preslav in Bulgaria and Valbonë in Albania (with Macedonia and Kosovo also in production). And, by all accounts (or at least their own, until we get our filthy tastebuds on the range), the resultant flavours reach right from clean citrus through to earthen tobacco with everything in between.

Info: Master of Malt Origins go for £34.95 or thereabouts