Maison Kitsuné x Pernod


Alcohol and fashion go hand-in-hand pretty tidily. Just ask your favourite bartender during any of the manifold Fashion Weeks that wash upon his shore. (Models may not eat much but they – and their hangers-on – can certainly absorb their fill of gratis luxury spirits.)

All bah-humbugging aside, however, one must admit that the union can also unleash some wonderful successes. Case in point: this here Maison Kitsuné collaboration with Pernod Absinthe.

Apparently “the first-ever high-end capsule fashion collection inspired by a liquor” (though I’m sure there are at least a few iconic fashion designers who have found themselves so alcoholically ‘inspired’ in the past), the base of the partnership is a bold, slightly fabulous Pernod x Kitsuné print, which has then been splashed across 1,805 bottles, a complete women’s and menswear clothing collection, and a slew of propaganda (read: brand collateral) to accompany the parade. I wonder if it all louches in water… Now that would be something.

Via: Selectism