Junk Bonds


Hurricane Sandy brought in her wake a slew of destruction to the shores and streets of New York. But, as with so much natural adversity, such disaster also brought out the best in many of the affected communities. And none more so than NY’s drinks scene.

From bartenders and owners right through to the blessed regulars, it seems as though everyone was keen to get involved. And beyond the fleet of clean-up crews and fundraising nights that have been making such a different, there was one particular, self-initiated local effort that really caught our attention. Namely: Junk Bonds.

Fort Defiance, an aptly-named local café/bar in Brooklyn, was hit pretty hard by the storm. But for a simple investment (and a hysterical inverse rate of return) one could – and still can – purchase junk bonds bearing the visage of your favourite booze icon: Jerry Thomas, Dale Degroff, and at the top end Charles H. Baker Jnr. Dig deep, drink folk: the cause is a good one. And there’s a double-price bar tab in it for you too.