It’s data viz time again, here at TBM-HQ (alias Chateau de Chaudronnier, alias Castle Boilermaker, alias perched at the end of the local bar, brewed beverage in hand). And, call us fickle and needy, but we’ve been needing a little more from our infographics of late. Sigh.

To whit, we submit for your consideration and enjoyment: Hopschart. Detailing an impressive spread of hop varietals and all manner of variants and facts about them – from alpha acid content to flavour profiles, via sources that include the USDA and USA Hops alongisde the likes of Glenn’s Famous Hop Utilization Numbers –  it is (or at least should be) to the modern (home) brewery wall what vintage Playboy pinups are to 1980s motorcycle mechanics.

Source: Hopschart