Enkaja Modular Cocktails


As a long time devotee, defender – disciple verily – of the well-crafted cocktail, it’s hard not to find one’s goat well and truly gotten by such technological advancements in drink culture as this. I mean no offence to its creator, the Dublin-based design firm Tatabi Studio, but it’s hard not to be rendered mildly speechless by Enkaja, their printer cartridge-like cocktail concept.

The notion is simple enough: consumers purchase three separate modular bottles from a periodic table of colour-coded ingredients (one base mixer – yes a base mixer – one spirit, and one ‘touch’ or modifier such as chocolate or lime or … ‘bloody mary’) which then click together to form an instant, idiot proof, pre-filled cocktail shaker and yields, in the words of PSFK, “a perfect drink every time.” (No comment, though, on what would happen if they actually shook that vodka coke suggested by the latter…)

Personally, we acknowledge (often quite vocally) that pre-bottled cocktails represent an arena that’s worth a well-considered exploration (the Handmade and Experimental ranges from Master of Malt are a grand start, for example – and pop along to one of our own Family events where pre-bottled classics are something of backbone). But as an ardent adherent of the cocktail and its manifold creators, it’s similarly clear that the realm of pre-mixed RTDs can be tricky territory.

And while we are further of the opinion that Enkaja might not be doing much for the art that therein lies for both the creator and appreciative consumer of a darn good cocktail, nonetheless there must be something said for getting anyone to start dabbling in the mysteries that happen when two or three liquid ingredients collide in perfect proportion. The downside to this project/concept, though, is that you don’t have any input as to what those ‘perfect proportions’ are.

Source: Tatabi Studio