Churchkey Can Co


I hereby resolve never to sup again from a beer that is not canned, flat of top and bereft of ring pull or opening mechanism of any sort (unless it’s a manly old school can opener which comes free with a six-pack). No more slender necked bottles or easy-access cans. We’re all aboard a return to beverage basics.

Too often beer is a drink of ease – a cold, crisp lager on a day that is too hot or labour intensive. So a little hurdle to such hard-won paradise surely can’t be a bad thing.

On top of the argument for unravelling the excesses of everyday ease-of-use, we (and folk like the Best Made chaps) are of the firm belief that all men should return to having and using tools. And, well, it turns out that our new-found tool of choice is a church key. Or, at least, a churchkey.