Sure, it may be just a tad Ikea in the über-sci-fi aesthetic department. And yes, it’s all-in-one design is sure to be a bit of an issue when it comes to the unavoidable snappings, breakages and repairs that are part of its nature. But at some innate mannish level, we can’t help but respect the Bar10der’s Swiss Army-esque approach to remedying in one $50 swoop the entire gamut of potential problems that the (bartending) world could possibly ever throw at you. Muddler, channel knife, jigger, zester, reamer, corkscrew, bottle opener, stirrer, strainer – this little number really does have the lot.

As the store itself says, were there ever such a thing as a scout badge for cocktail-making, this would be very much in the running as the go-to tool of drink-scouting preference.

The Bar10der sells for a not entirely unreasonable $50. In a selection of colours, if that helps.

Source: Uncommon Goods
Via: Uncrate
And: Gizmodo (where the  comments get significantly cattier)