Alcohol Harm Map


Sadly, drinking is not always all fun and games. As responsible professionals in this most wonderful of industries, we would be remiss to pretend otherwise.

It is my belief that we need to effect a subtle but profound cultural shift in our perception and enjoyment of drink and drunkenness. Rather than just beating people with the guilt-stick, or hiking up alcohol prices or the minimum drinking age or any such short-term and thus short-lived legal solution. But then, I’m not in the country’s driving seat, so we know what my vote is worth…

Just take the recent tale of the poor 18 year old who was hospitalized after consuming liquid nitrogen in a bar. An accident, albeit a horrible one. But consider also the reflex call to ban all liquid nitrogen in all bars. Worse by far was the ridiculous scaremongering and scarcely-even-journalism dredged up by The Sun. But then there was the far more considered counter-argument by Class Magazine.

Things are complex. Clearly. But we need to keep a level head.

And while it would be lovely to ignore the negative effects of alcohol, knowledge can only ever be empowering. Hence why we recommend you have a two minute play with this interactive data viz. Go, look, interact, learn, and let’s all gain a little perspective. Things are never as good as you hope. But never as bad as the shouty man tells you.

Source: Alcohol Concern