Adrien Sauvage: Dress Easy


We are firm and fond believes in casual elegance. A bespoke shirt though not necessarily tortured into conformity by the iron. Good manners without the bludgeon of regulation.  The pleasure of a relaxed linen two-piece. The charm of a skewed Half Windsor; the joy of an easy Four-in-Hand.

To coincide with his latest fashion short entitled The Student, Adrien Sauvage (apparently a “Dapper Polymath” though we concretely recall his days as a friendly, trench-clad “blagger of beverages”) turned out a charming piece for Nowness that exemplified these very sentiments. Only with greater aplomb. Including such favourites as (‘DE’, by the by, stands for ‘Dress Easy’):

Ordering a drink at a busy bar
The DE man has time on his side and a queue does not phase him. The DE man stands out from the crowd so never has to wait long.

Erecting an umbrella
The DE man unclasps the umbrella, smoothly holds it at arms length and pushes the release button, simultaneously gliding it aloft. The DE man never has a push-up umbrella.

Completing a crossword
The DE man will study the crossword until he knows the answers to all the questions. Only then will he fill in the crossword. The DE man will not sit and dither.

Rowing a boat
The DE man rows a boat with the effortlessness and ease afforded to him by his clothing. The DE man is comfortable in every situation.

Via: Nowness